Martin and Martha F. 

Martin and Martha F.

In a nutshell, attending the NEWSTART program was one of the best things we ever did!

We loved the staff, the ambience, the health lectures, the spiritual focus, the caring touch, the cooking classes and the food. Engaging in a health retreat for 18 days to focus on caring for the body was a long enough period to establish some new daily practices for when returning home. We dropped pounds, lowered blood pressure, and discovered again the importance of drinking adequate amounts of water. We continued enjoying the many recipes we tried while at Weimar and made new friends that supported us in our health journey.

What better investment can you make than in caring for your own health? When compared with the cost of medical care, the program was a bargain!

We gave ourselves one of the best gifts we could have ever had and were treated like royalty in the process.

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