My medical conditions were many. Most of them started four years ago with one exception, I have had irritable bowel syndrome for over ten years. My chest pains started four years ago, my cholesterol was on going, my high blood pressure and weight problem came along with these conditions. I could not walk more then twenty feet without pain in the chest. The I.B.S. continued to wake me up in the night. All these conditions taken together made me a pretty miserable person.

It finally came down to my cardiologist telling me that he could do no more and if I wanted relief I should attend a session at the Weimar Institute. Telling me also that he saw this as my last chance for a cure. I had confidence in the doctor (Stephen Peters, M.D.) as he had attended a session at the Weimar Institute with his son with great results.

To make a long story short, I left Weimar with no pain, lost sixteen pounds, LDL down, HDL up, blood pressure down to normal, I.B.S gone, chest pain gone, down to two pills a day and soon to be none.

Weimar gave me what I asked for and a lot more. If you believe, then it can work miracles.

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