My name is Janice Stevenson and I attended the NEWSTART PROGRAM August 5-23 and September 2-20 of 2018.

I came to the NEWSTART Program at Weimar, desperate to receive natural ways to help restore my health. I was a cancer patient, had uncontrolled diabetes with a high A1C, elevated liver enzymes, high blood pressure and I was struggling with some of the aftereffects of chemo medicine and radiation. I had terrible bone pain that kept me awake most of the time and therefore I was also extremely exhausted which caused me to have dark red eyes most of the time.

From the very first contact with Ron Giannoni from the NEWSTART Program, I knew that God was in the plan. I found out about the August 5th program on August 3, but I have learned, when God says, “Yes”, nothing else matters.

My decision to come to the NEWSTART PROGRAM was one of the greatest decisions I ever made. I know that God was leading all the way because in a matter of two days, He orchestrated everything that made it possible for me to attend.

I benefitted from each aspect of the program in remarkable ways. I received spiritual counseling, exercise training, nutrition counseling, cooking classes and hydrotherapy and massage treatments; which were beneficial in easing my bone pain, relaxing my muscles and killing cancer cells.

Not only did I receive physical healing at NEWSTART, but spiritual and emotional healing as well. All the staff were so supportive and compassionate. I felt the presence of God everywhere I went.

I attended both sessions because I was serious about improving my health. At the end of the August session I saw marked improvement, but I was impressed that God wasn’t through with me yet, so I stayed for the September session as well. What a wonderful change in my life has been wrought!

I am a completely different person now and I thank everyone for the part you played in cooperating with God so that His child could be well.

I went to NEWSTART a sick, broken person, but I left 3 sizes smaller and without all the medicines that I came with. I continue my new lifestyle by observing all the tenements of the program and I am becoming an excellent vegan cook! I now conduct vegan cooking classes in my home town, and I share God’s Word with those I meet and let them know there is a better way to live!

As of November 2, 2018, my local doctor has pronounced me CANCER FREE and by God’s grace and help, I intend to stay that way!

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