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It’s your health. It’s your time. It’s your brand-new tomorrow

Proven Principles

More than 40 years ago, we welcomed the first guests to what became our residential NEWSTART program in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills. Now we’re welcoming you to be one of the first guests to our NEWSTART Online program!


Thousands of people have looked for simple, effective ways to take control of their health and they’ve found it in NEWSTART. This scientifically researched lifestyle change program is based on Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in God. Today we’re offering those proven principles to you in a brand-new format designed to meet your needs on your schedule.

Online Platform

We have a strong online platform to assist you in bettering your health and pointing you in the right direction at all times.

Video Lectures

Our highly experienced lifestyle physicians will guide your journey to better health.

Healthy Recipes

Access many delicious and nutritious recipes to help jumpstart your health transformation

Healthy Meal Plan

Improve your diet with our carefully prepared meal plan or build your own based on NEWSTART principles.

Live Consultations

Meet with one of our registered dieticians or your very own health coach.


Find solutions together by talking and sharing with others who are experiencing similar issues.

NEWSTART can help


Heart Disease

Immune System

Weight Loss



Increase Energy


Enhance Vitality


Video Lectures

The NEWSTART program is a scientifically researched lifestyle change program based on eight fundamental principles that aim to help individuals achieve optimal health.

Give the Gift of Good Health!

What better gift for a special celebration than one that continues to give throughout the year? If you’d like to show your love/appreciation for a family member, friend, neighbor or colleague, our NEWSTART Online gift certificate is one that lasts long after the celebration. Because gifting our NEWSTART Online course is a great way to give someone special a new start to a healthier, happier life!

Enhance your life in these areas with our expert doctors


Learn how to prevent or better manage diabetes in your life and the lives of those you love


Learn simple ways to boost your immunity for the long-term

Cardiovasular Disease

Learn how to take action and fight cardiovascular diseases


Learn how the power of exercise can completely change your life at any age at any time

No More What-Ifs or Somedays

  • Greater longevity NOW
  • Increased quality of life NOW
  • More control over your mobility, your outlook, your life NOW

It’s all at your fingertips right now

Meet our Team of Physicians

Dr. Roger Gallant
Dr. Roger Gallant is an emergency physician and the NEWSTART Medical Director.
Dr. Randall Bivens

Dr. Randall L. Bivens has been the chief operating officer at Weimar Institute for the last six years.

Dr. Andrew Kuninobu

Dr. Kuninobu is a family medicine physician with an MPH degree in health promotion and health education.

Dr. Neil Nedley

Dr. Neil Nedley specializes in Internal Medicine with emphasis in Gastroenterology, Mental Health, and Lifestyle Medicine.

Group Rates and Sign-up

Have some health changes you need to make? Have some family, friends or coworkers who do too? Our group discount option is just right for you! You’ll have a ready-made support team and you’ll save $100/per person off the regular price. Start sharing the experience and the savings today!

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