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The History of NEWSTART

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In 1917, 36 percent of the American population was dying from tuberculosis. Many states and counties were establishing special sanatoriums to help treat and control the spread of this chronic disease. Thirteen counties in the State of California pooled their resources together to build the largest TB sanatorium west of the Mississippi. In their search of north-central California to find an area that had the best quality of air and the greatest percentage of sunshine days per year, Weimar fit their needs to the letter. The sanatorium was built, and over the years grew to include 38 major buildings on 457 acres. At one time, they had as many as 19 full tine gardeners, which accounts for the many varieties of trees and other plants.


By the late 1950’s, progress in treating TB was so successful that only three tenths of one percent were dying from the disease, and Weimar Sanatorium was closed, then opened as a county medical center. In 1975 it became the largest West-coast relocation center for the Vietnam refugees, housing at one time about 1,500 refugees.


In the early 1970’s, a group of people dreamed of having a non-profit health center for the prevention and treatment of degenerative disease. They purchased this ideal property in 1977.


Through the generosity of many Seventh-day Adventists in giving work time and money, the Weimar Institute of Health and Education was opened in May, 1978. What is now known all over the world as the NEWSTART Principles, was only a list of the modalities of healing. During the first session, one of the health guests put the principles into the easily remembered NEWSTART acronym which stands for Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Air, Rest, Trust in Divine Power. The NEWSTART Lifestyle Program is based on these powerful wellness promotors which have brought renewed health and vitality to hundreds of health guests over the years.