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Neil Nedley, MD

Neil Nedley, MD, is a full-time practicing physician in Internal Medicine with emphases in preventive medicine, gastroenterology, and the difficult-to-diagnose patient. Dr. Nedley is the president of Weimar Center of Health and Education.


Clarence Ing, MD

Clarence Ing, MD, is the medical director of Weimar Center of Health & Education NEWSTART Lifestyle Program. Doctor Ing is board certified in both Ophthalmology and Preventive Medicine. He has lectured around the world on lifestyle and preventive medicine, and has developed corporate wellness programs for many organizations including Singapore Airlines, Motorola, and Hewlett-Packard.


David DeRose, MD

Dr. David DeRose is a board certified physician in both Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine. In addition to hosting a weekly radio program, he is a published researcher and has lectured widely, presenting complex health topics to the public in an understandable way. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Dr. DeRose practices at the NEWSTART Medical Clinic.

Derrick Hall

Derrick Hall, B.Sc., CWC

Derrick Hall is the Exercise Counselor of NEWSTART Lifestyle Program. He currently holds his certifications as an Fitness Instructor, Sport Injury Specialist, Wellness Coach and Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist. Derrick also received his lifestyle intervention training at the Lifestyle Medicine Institute, Loma Linda, CA.


Dr. Neeta Hillman, MD

Dr. Hillman, is board certified in Internal Medicine. She studied at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and completed her residency at the University of Kentucky. She enjoys giving NEWSTART guests hope for the best health for here and eternity.


Dr. Roger Gallant, MD

Dr. Gallant is an emergency physician who has a passion for health and natural remedies. He has travelled throughout the country and to various parts of the world teaching about health, and how lifestyle choices affect chronic diseases.

Alecia Dennis, BSN, PHN

Alecia Dennis, BSN, PHN

Alecia is the NEWSTART Program Director. Her medical training includes medical surgical nursing, perioperative nursing, case management, community health care and health education.

Kaya Chong

Kaya Chong, MPH, RD, CDE

Kaya is a Registered Dietitian and health educator in southern California. She teaches health education classes promoting healthy lifestyle principles. She has experience in nutrition counseling, nutrition lectures, cooking classes, and shopping tours. She enjoys teaching and sharing about health and nutrition

Laura Westbrook

Laura Westbrook

Laura has been a health and fitness educator for more than 20 years. She grew up in northern California and attended Weimar College and Pacific Union College before graduating from Loma Linda University with a degree in Physical Therapy.

Viola Kaiser, BS

Viola Kaiser, BS

Viola’s training is in general Biology. She worked 19 years for the State of Washington as a counselor and has been working at Weimar Institute as Chaplain since 2006.

Vasilly Osadchuck

Vasilly Osadchuck

Vasilly was born and raised in the Ukraine and moved to the United States in 1992. He is a pastor, as well as an avid gardening and beekeeping enthusiast.

Vasilly Osadchuck

Erwin Nanasi

Erwin Nanasi graduated from the HEALTH program in Weimar, Ca. He has worked as a lifestyle coach and lecturer for NEWSTART ProActive and is certified to hold Depression Recovery and CHIP programs. A gifted concert pianist, Erwin studied piano performance at the State University of Music and Performing Arts in his hometown of Stuttgart, Germany. He has toured and performed in over 20 countries across three continents and has lectured on music cognition. Erwin has also studied arranging and orchestration through Berklee College of Music and is the Resident Composer for Weimar Institute. He enjoys helping others discover how music can enhance their life.