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The NEWSTART Program

NEWSTART is a physician monitored, scientifically researched lifestyle change program based on eight fundamental principles proven to help you achieve optimum health: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust.

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Clients Testimonials

To make a long story short, I left Weimar with no pain, lost sixteen pounds, LDL down, HDL up, blood pressure down to normal, I.B.S gone, chest pain gone, down to two pills a day and soon to be none.

Jerry, 18-day NEWSTART Lifestyle Program

After only 11 days at NEWSTART my blood pressure was already lower and without any medication! I have gotten to like the food which was totally new to me and I have been surprised, because the food, which is the key to all these illnesses, coupled with the benefits of exercise has totally turned my life around.

Lily-Mae, 18-day NEWSTART Lifestyle Program

I lost 25.6 pounds and my blood pressure is now in the 118-114/82-78 range. My total cholesterol came down 77 points to 166 and my LDL came down 13 points to 94. My triglycerides came down 105 points to 148 and my sugar came down 29 points to 78. They are now all normal again!

Anthony, 18-day NEWSTART Lifestyle Program

After three days on the program I stopped taking my diabetes meds, and three days later I stopped two high blood pressure meds. The excess weight began to melt away and by the end of 18 days I lost 20 pounds.

Ron, 18-day NEWSTART Lifestyle Program

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